Thursday, 17 January 2013

Miller than a bitch

Since his return with the TMZ mixtape in 2011, the grand imperial Percy Miller has successfully swagger-jacked Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Chief Keef & the tacky I Don't Like remix, and DJ Mustard's Ratchet sound. With his brand new Al Kapone mixtape, ya boy Profondo Rocko right chea can happily report the Head Miller In Charge is still knocking out the most eccentric 2pac pastiches like it was 1995 - 1998 all over again, and he's just victoriously Bogarted Brick Squad's steez with the 'tape's highlight Al Kapone :

"Why I'm fuckin' rappin' and why I came back
bitch, I'm in a mansion, you in a motherfuckin' shack
in the barbershop talkin' shit that you don't know
man, you ain't a real n*gga, you might be five-o!"

Master P ft. Fat Trel & Alley Boy - Al Kapone
(From Al Kapone mixtape; 2013)

HVN4AGNGSTA is a wonderful song where Game and P exhibit the same sort of sizzling chemistry as Nas & AZ or the 2 blokes from the Ying Yang Twins who aren't even brothers IRL. This is because the pair of 'em have made careers out of ripping off the popular Gang$ta-Rappers of the day in their own respective hilariously inimitable ways, so once P's Louie V Mob blog-bait supergroup with Fat Trel & Alley Boy hits the skids he should adopt Game into the new No Limit family as a new Miller brother.


Fosterakahunter said...

New 504 Boyz? I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the reason this dude, at 45, fantabulously rich, a daughter on Disney (or Nick), came back talking this young man struggle rap sh@t.

Fredo Fantano said...

504 Boyz mk. 3 : Master P, Game & Soulja Boy (who's basically the new Master P on numerous different levels anyway.)

Can someone make this happen?

H.L. said...

This tape is awesome. The Game feature might even be better than "Heaven For A Gangsta."

sisilafami said...

I was pleased to hear Krazy still sound like tupac too.