Wednesday, 24 October 2012

It's the dukes

Thumbs up that old Boosie joints are still being blessed with videos because I quite fancy clips for My N*gga Then, Dirty World and Bank Roll Part 2. Thumbs down that his family will probably be all up in the videos like they are in the new clip for Mama Know Love right chea because you just know his Rapping ass daughter is gonna feature on every single song he records once he's released from prison.

Lil' Boosie - Mama Know Love
(From Southside Don Dada mixtape; 2009/the internet; 2012)

Lil' Phat died so Iviona Hatch could have a Rap career. (;_:)


done said...

Sic Wid It's nepotism>>>>

"My N*gga Then, Dirty World and Bank Roll Part 2" are probably my top 5 Boosie songs along with Trouble Man and either Mind Of A Maniac or Dont I Act A Donkey. Actually not last night I was wondering why Bank Roll Pt. 2 didnt have a video.

They shouldve gone with an actual actor cos his son(?)s not really capturing the grizzled thousand yard stare Boosie's definitely had since he was like 4 years old.

Richard Tre Mane said...

The 2 kids in the Back In The Day video >>>>>

done said...

Agreed. Proper lol once I copped on to the reference to that recent Lil B(oosie) flub.

I need to revise that top 5 to include From The Bottom. Really hope he finally de-trapohlicizes that once hes out walking the streets.