Monday, 30 July 2012

Reese me with that Rap shit

Just as I'm beginning to despair over the continued positive reaction to Lil' Reese as one of the stars of the current Chicago movement, along comes a remedy in the form of Mic Terror's first good song of 2012. As ever, Mic truly excels when he's providing lessons in lewdness but Rodney King takes a different approach to his previously sample-based Sex-Rap jams and sees him tackling the sort of barely-there-like-Son-Doobie's-tiny-cock elasticated production that you'd usually expect to hear the NhT Boyz, one of DJ Mustard's customers or Travis Porter over instead :

Mic Terror - Rodney King
(From Mondays Are Terrible mixtape; 2012)

Nice to hear Mic audibly retch at the thought of wearing True Religion and then boast that his jeans aren't even POLO but RRL since bragging about being dipped in POLO just isn't that impressive any more if we're supposed to buy into the notion that Rappers are infinitely richer and cooler than the average schlub. How you finna stunt like you're Alpo in a shirt I could cop from some discount shopping outlet hellhole like Cheshire Oaks or Bicester Village, 2012 Rapper?

So, anyway, this is the part of the post specifically designed to infuriate David Drake because Rodney King is far more deserving of some blog luvin' than anything on that mediocre Lil' Reese mixtape. How did Chief Keef's Rapping back-up dancer/a modern day Big Scoob like Reese (with his cameo on I Don't Like as his On The Bugged Tip and Haters as his N*ggaz Can't Hang) even bag himself a Def Jam deal and a Gangsta Grillz mixtape in the first place?


done said...

Thats quality but Bo "beat" him too it:

Both are up there with Lil Wayne's Whip It for making whites in the audience unsure of themselves though.


ha, the infamous pr0n is real?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Real like J-Lo & Ja.

Damn, Mic really did shark that hook.

David said...

ha!! ur tripping Reese had a career pre-Keef youve confused Reese with SD. who is more in the weed carrier vein
"Traffic" & "Savage" >>>

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

SD = Scrap Lover.

Thomas said...

I downloaded that Lil Reese mixtape because I was all like "I should really try out some more non-Bay Area rap," but after listening to it I was like "nevermind!"

David said...

You are tripping. "Beef" >>> any bay area rap song in 2012 aside from "Handsome" which is only borderline bay area anyway

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Oh no he didn't!!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

really the regional thugs should be united against the safe banality of NYC rap and the personality-free auteur-cornballs of ATL strip club rap.

done said...


Alex said...


Beef is straight trash, laughably boring and predictable. The only shining light in the drill movement is lil durk, and his verse sucks in beef anyway.

Fosterakahunter said...

Hilarious to read a bunch of blogger-type white guys debate about which of these cornball, shi@tty rappers-of-the-moment are better.