Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Rap Game Mollie Sugden

J. Stalin - The Molly Song
(From Memoirs Of A Curb Server album; 2012)

I don't know why why America had to be all fancy and rechristen the drug that the rest of the planet calls Mandy as Molly, but I'm hoping I can use The Molly Song by J. Stalin to convince a certain someone I know that MCAT is just MDMA for paupers. You Yanks have no idea how lucky you are that Mephedrone has yet to become the drug du jour in the good ol' U.S.A because they're isn't a more pungent stench/taste than a vagina sweating it out on a humid sunday morning.

Speakin' of Rappers I first heard on Never Blink, I'm all up on that real chill Dubb 20 joint with Husalah from Jacka's new weed carrier's compilation thingymebob right about now. Husalah using the word Twerp will never cease to be funny, but I'll be damned if Dubb 20 doesn't quietly kill this track on some 1992 TV movie about the plague starring Kate Jackson type shit :

"Them verses on Jack's shit got a n*gga buzzin'
n*ggas be lyin' tellin' bitches they my cousin"

Dubb 20 & Husalah - Been A While
(From The Jacka Presents The A.R Street Album ; 2012)


Thomas said...

Oh shit you swiped that Artist Records album already?!? I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of that tape.

The Artist Records has a solid lineup for sure and I have no idea what the fuck mephedrone is, but please keep it away from us here in the U.S.

Richard Tre Mane said...

I heard a Jacka release before Thomas!

done said...

You dont want none of this, Thomas.