Thursday, 19 April 2012

Boosie's trial starts today

The highlight of Young Bleed's rare, secrete and, frankly, otherwise shitty third album Carleone's Vintage, released in 2002 on his own Da'tention Home imprint after Priority Records dumped him due to his sophomore album My Own not doing My Balls And My Word numbers :

Young Bleed ft. Lucky Knuckles & Lee Tyme - Whatchall Mean
(From Carleone's Vintage album; 2002)

If I were born a Baton Rogue thug then listening to an eerie Country-Rap jam like this today would probably have me trying to cast voodoo spells that'll get Boosie pardoned, but since I'm a white Englishman who only curses at police officers when they're out of earshot it just makes me want to wear a bra on my head like Gary and Wyatt when they're trying to bring the Barbie doll to life in Weird Science as I'm sporting my wooden Boosie pendent instead.


James said...

Lol @ "Carleone".

sisilafami said...

I like me some young bleed's vintage every now and then

Richard Tre Mane said...

This and Kisses N Hugs are the only joints I like on there.

Billy Patrick said...

How does a technology savage like myself download these interweb files? This song is beautiful!

Richard Tre Mane said...

DL it here.