Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Off to see Rakim and De La Soul tonight

Can you believe that motherfucking Black Star are actually headlining over them, though? Even regardless of historical importance and quality of music, Rakim and De La have albums which did Thriller numbers whilst Black Star barely scraped to 2300 Jackson Street status.

Thankfully, a team equipped with stinkbombs and ripened fruit has been assembled to pelt messrs Def & Kweli as soon as they hit the stage and as I type this very sentence I'm in the process of fitting us out with disguises in the form of cut-out Eric B masks taken from the Don't Sweat The Technique video :

I ate Asparagus for lunch so the bottle of piss I'm currently in the process of filling up to throw at Kweli should reek to high heaven :

You don't have to speak just seek....and peep the technique


step one said...

caught this last night in London. The general consensus was that De La killed it. Rakim was on first and it was a bit early to really judge him. He did rap over vocal tracks on a few songs though which isnt good. Was still cool to hear Juice et al performed live. I think his problem is he's too much of a laid back cool-ass mu-fuh to get hyped on stage.
Mos & Talib were 'good' but Im not familiar with alot of their stuff to be honest.
Its just occoured to me you're probably already at the show now and wont see this til you get back.
oh, there was more girls there last night than your average London rap show. Some of them were even attractive.

The Great Gats, B said...

Yeah, even REAL HIP HOP!! shows bring out the attractive 30-something ethnic chicks and the decent-to-hot student birds nowadays.

De La killed this one too. Why they can be so good and fun live, but they're so miserable and boring on record I don't know.

step one said...

I recently got a copy of Grind Date on the cheap and really enjoyed it. I'd only ever heard Much More and Rock Co Kane Flow before that but the rest of it (save for one or two tunes) is pretty good.

What did you think of Rakim live?

The Great Gats, B said...

He was pretty cool and didn't just stand there in the centre of the stage grabbing his nuts. He rapped over the vocal tracks, but I don't mind that because it actually helps ye olden rappers who aren't as accomplished live performers as, say, De La or Ice Cube.

The Great Gats, B said...

Ayo the 3 ppl who replied to this post : Blogger went ham over the past day or so and lost all comments posted in the past 24 hours or so. Your guess is as good as mine whether they'll return.

step one said...

Blogger deleted my last post aswell - still waiting on it to reappear.
What did you think of Rakim on the night?

The Great Gats, B said...

Nowhere near as good as De La but cool. He didn't just stand there with his hands on his nuts, and although he rapped over the vocal tracks I don't mind that as it helps rappers who aren't as accomplished live performers as De La or, say, Ice Cube and it's preferable to 8 weedcarriers shouting in the background.