Sunday, 5 July 2009

A belated tribute to Mrs Slocombe

You may have looked like my step-grandad in drag but there was something so peculiarly erotic about your pussy double-entendres which managed to a reveal a slight glint in my undeveloped Jap's eye before i even knew what a pussy was.


Integrity - Vocal Test set to moshing puddy cats

Of course, no post containing a cast member of Are You Being Served is complete without this Louis Theroux clip :

Can't believe whoever upped the video missed the climax of the interview where racist cowboy finally snaps at Louis's constant chime of I'm Free! and informs Louis that he's not free because of the Jews, though. That's like a Mrs Slocombe double-entendre video with all the feline references beeped out or, indeed, a video of a moggy mosh-pit set to the strains of Vocal Test which stops before the best bit of the song when the wailing guitar solo starts.

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brad said...


the woman in that video just chucks the food on the floor...the place must stink