Friday, 29 March 2019

Who shot Phats & Small? If we don't get 'em they gon' get us all

It's bigger than HIP HOP HIP HOP today. As Canibus nearly once said, Stardust's Music Sounds Better With You was the most overrated song I've ever heard in my life because the greatest Filter-House choon of all time dropped on March 29th 1999:

Phats & Small ft. Vanessa Feltz's future husband - Turn Around
(From Now Phats What I Small Music album; 1999)

Officially 20 years old today this tune. If FACT Mag doesn't drop an oral history of Turn Around anniversary article in the next 24 hours then they're the police.. actual FACT! Remember dem dayz when Britain could waltz right into continental Europe and snatch a sub-genre from right under Johnny Foreigner's nose? Turn Around is Nigel Farage's utopian Brexit in audio form innit.


Dank said...

This and Lady by Modjo > any of the French stuff

Step One said...

Modjo were French.

Liked a lot of that disco house in that era. Alan Braxe 'Intro' is prob my favourite

Nice post

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ben Ofoedo living the milk-shark dream as a kept-man spending all Vanessa Feltz's money and using her connections to further his media career.

Step One said...

Had no idea :)

I think Phats & Small became The Freemasons in the 00s which is a bit like Trackmasters becoming The Neptunes (or something)