Friday, 15 February 2019

Methane Man

"1 hand on the wheel, 1 foot on the gas
In the diamond lane I think I'm goin' too fast
All a n*gga need is 1 mo' lick
I swear to God I'm gonna get out this shit
1 hand on the wheel, 1 foot on the gas
Hittin' hella corners with a choppa and a mask
All a n*gga need is 1 mo' lick
'Cause even then I would get out this shit"

Shady Nate - 1 Mo' Lick
(From Gasman Unleashed album; 2008)

"You've gotta know when to hit the lick, you've gotta know when to hit the road" as Kenny Rogers nearly once advised. The best J.Stalin slap not actually recorded by J.Stalin or wot? Never knew this had a video, nor could I have ever imagined it'd have over a million views since the clip is nowt but Nate alone in his car like Tom Hardy in Locke.


Anonymous said...

His Tomite Show was dope.

GGGGGG said...

Gasman Unleashed is a great title

Anonymous said...

"I put a curl on a squirrel, a wig on a pig" - Baby Sit Part 2

Anonymous said...

"I put a rat in a hat, I put a mouse in a blouse, I put a cape on a Ape"
Daaam, wouldn't of listened to if it wasn't for Stay Hatin

Pink C said...

Ctfu @ Kenny Rogers, wise words from The Gambler indeed

DT said...

The chorus flow & verse content are def PrenuptialAgreement-era b-sides (but obviously not at Husalah/BadYoungThang level re: Dre)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

A song which should have had a video set entirely in the interior of a car: Rich The Factor's Do It Gooba.

David said...

listened to this all the time uhh ... literally a decade ago