Thursday, 14 April 2016

The kid ALWAYS comes first

No Afrika Bambaataa, natch. Why rant about your baby mama on social media when you can monetize your frustration by turning it into a song instead?

"Come to think about it, you were really persuasive
Never shoulda let this alien step foot in my spaceship"

Nef The Pharaoh - BMD (Baby Mama Drama)
(From BMD (Baby Mama Drama) single; 2016)

Thizz Khalifa-core really is the ideal antidote to the plague of stale Ratchet leftover production currently infesting west coast rap, innit? Wouldn't surprise me if that YG song in the video for his clothing line also turned out to be one of Cardo's compositions.

Haven't bothered listening to that Lost Tapes project Nef dropped last week since it's just freestyles over other people's beats, but props to him for rapping over 2 Ashanti songs. Never forget the Foolish video made Goodfellas superfluous.


GGGGGG said...

Cardo just makes the most feelgood beats

Si Mane Price said...

Yeah, his shit is designed to stimulate them alpha-waves in the human brain.

Anonymous said...


SE said...

The Lost Tapes is a promising development in that he's wearing Jordans on the cover.

Si Mane Price said...

Told you he doesn't own no Giuseppes.

Si Mane Price said...

This new RJ song is like a G-Funk dog whistle for me too.

Does RJ really say "Fuck ya baby daddy he a bot", though?