Sunday 22 November 2015

Not a song about the practices of Dr. Gillian McKeith

Don't no digital algorithms understand me, mane, but by some weird quiver of coincidence, 3 of my 5 favourite post-prison Boosie songs are thinly-veiled sequels to his classic 2005 - 2008 deep cuts: I'm Wit Ya is an updated reconfiguration of I Know; comeback album finale I'm Sorry is Mama I'm Sorry with a broader scope; and his Shy Glizzy duet Going Thru It is Goin' Thru Some Thangs 2K15. Best track to bear Shy Glizzy's name since Funeral, and better than anything on Boosie's latest 'tape.

"Baby-momma drama - don't wanna argue, I want peace
Shit, my daughters teenagers - hope they don't fall for a n*gga like me"

Shy Glizzy ft. Boosie - Going Thru It
(From Shy Glizzy & Zaytoven's For Trappers Only mixtape; 2015)

Theory: the real reason Funeral didn't pop like folk expected is because Glizzy removed DJ Drama's opening ab libs from the official retail/streaming MP3 and effectively sapped the song of its gravitas since Dram F. Kennedy's contribution was maximum-impact-via-minimum-appearance-time on a par with Nitt Da Gritt's Trap Queen epilogue. Funeral without Drama's rousing intro monologue about leaving this mortal coil with your legacy intact so everyone at your wake can bow their heads with dignity? Yo, that's like Juelz on Rap City without Canal Street ice, the Chinese restaurant in Liverpool One without rumours of mice, or a Larry Lifeless band which doesn't besmirch Christ.


hotbox said...

this has been in heavy rotation this fall but you're right about the new boosie tape being forgettable

what are your other 2/5 cuts? i'd vote for o lord from life after deathrow and "fly away" which was buried in the back end of EGEC

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

No Juice and Dorrough & Boosie's Beat Up The Block.

Good call on O Lord.

Anonymous said...

Zaytoven chipmunk soul

Anonymous said...

boosie rapping over a tb 303 lmao

SE said...

Drama's probably the only DJ (besides Khaled) whose monologues I'd leave intact given the chance. Sometimes funny, occasionally profound, mostly annoying in a strangely entertaining way.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Don't dare front on DJ Fletch. His "fuck ya whole life, this is DJ Fletch" drop shoulda been as iconic as "damn, son, where'd ya find this?"

That best of Treal Lee & Prince Rick 'tape Fletch did is essential.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Scratch that post above, Fletch's greatest drop was "DJ Fletch shittin' on your muhfuckin' forehead"