Thursday 22 August 2013

Late pass!

File Play They Role by Lil' Herb & Lil' Bibby alongside 90% of the songs on ZMoney's Rich B4 Rap 'tape as Chicago joints from late 2012 that ya man Boycie Da 5'9 right chea slept on until this year :

"Goin' hard, this a fuckin' classic
Kobe with the blunt, don't pass it!"

Lil' Herb & Lil' Bibby - Play They Role
(From the 'net; 2012/FakeShoreDrive & DJ L's Heir Apparents compilation; 2013)

Imagine what LEP Bogus Boys would sound like if Count & Moonie weren't both 40 years old.... it's Herb & Bibby, innit? Now that Q.B Dunn-Rap is essentially deader than The Tunnel, it's heartwarming to hear that other regions have appropriated its hard-boiled spirit and baronial production steez for modern day ersatz Tunnel Bangers™ of their own.


bradley said...

del-boy tha funkee homosapien

P said...


James said...

Whoa. Love this.