Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 6

What's a fella to do when the scene from Django where our eponymous hero whips the gatling gun from his coffin and mows down at least 40 of Colonel Jackson's men into the sea of mud that make up the town's streets isn't on Youtube and that scene from Carry On Behind where everybody ends up with their arses out due to glue on the seats after the stripper from the super-8 movie Kenneth Williams accidently shows at the start turns up at the holiday camp entertainment night to strut her stuff is on there but the twat who uploaded it has disabled the embedding link? Why, he does the only thing he can and retreats into the comforting arms and bosom of another scene from The Wanderers.

Witness Joey Wanderer schooling Perry on the various high school gangs found in the packed corridors on the way to class. Whatchu know about 27 guys all with the last name Wong? Find out here. You've seen them bloody wops, right? You've seen 'em on the telly coming on as late substitutes who score with their first kick of the ball in two successive games only to then be completely ineffective when they're given a start in an F.A Cup semi-final on sunday, right? Well, them bloody wops use the bulk of this particular scene to trade racial insults in class with the school's main Black gang before a brouhaha and ruckus ensues which ends with both gangs agreeing to resolve their differences with a good old fashioned spot of fisticuffs after the weekend football game. TV nerds will notice that Clinton Stitch is a young Omar White from Oz, although Clinton is the complete antithesis of that over-zealous bitchmade lickspittle Omar.

Heltah Skeltah - Da Art Of Disrespekinazation


James said...

Turkey is hilarious

Bradley said...

i may still have this on video somewhere but i'm pick up the dvd.