Sunday, 30 November 2008

Martorial elegance # 4

There are certain areas of Liverpool where a trend for Scouse schoolgirls to go out in gangs all dressed identikit in their pyjamas with Footlocker bought sportswear and girly flat shoes which has, apparently, prevailed for something close to a decade now. It's a self-contained trend which has remained entombed in the bowels of Merseyside. Until now.

And so it seems this trend has hit the Lache in C-Town but, naturally, the Lache has got its own twist on the original look. The pyjama pants are intact but the flats have been replaced with well-worn Reebok classics and the Footlocker sportswear has been substituted for an oversized skootcoat, which looks like the type of generic sports coat managers in league two are usually seen in, with some stupid patch on the back.

It's also interesting to note that while it's only teenage girls who sport this look on Merseyside, here in C-Town the trend has been adapted by rough old 40-something Ricky Hatton resembling Lache trogladyte birds who, according to Killa B who provided the photo, don't take kindly to the Chinese chaps working at the chippy not being able to understand them and their desire for their chip batch to be smothered with fatty butter substitutes.

Run, run, run from the ghetto bird..

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