Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Career over like Mike! Anyone : Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, Stuntman

Back in 1996 Quentin Tarantino was interviewed by Empire Magazine and fended off any accusations of misogyny in his flicks by claiming that he preferred writing his female characters and that he wanted to make a movie about chicks just sitting around yacking about life and cracking jokes. I'm gonna hazard a guess that Death Proof must have grown out of this idea since it amounted to an episode of Loose Women/The View with a handful of car chase interludes. Vanessa Ferlito's lap dance scene salvaged an otherwise dull movie, but Death Proof's most notable achievement is that Kurt Russell's character provided artistic impetus for the best post-Snap song ever :

Grip Plyaz ft. Slick Pulla - Stuntman Mike
(From Stuntman Mike single; 2010)

Still don't understand how Grip Plyaz isn't more popular on the Rap Internet when everybody from seasoned Rap nerds to ironic social media dickheads who discovered Rap music via reading Pitchfork in 2005 can find a joint or five to lurve in his catalogue. How could people possibly not be besotted with the likes of Wasaname and Child Support last year, and why is Fabo turning up on godamn Trinidad James mixtape cuts instead of Grip Plyaz songs when Grip Plyaz is to D4L what Nas is to Rakim?


Ben said...

10/10 post title

James said...

This is my new favourite song ever.

bradley said...

"jackie joyner" was a top 5 song of 2012

Zwoop nation said...

Have you been listening to strictly 2010's rap music? (Re: Stuntman Mike, Fuck a Freestyle?)

Fredo Fantano said...

Boosie's Top To The Bottom, AZ's The Calm and $tarlito's Alright on deck!

Purely coincidental, though - Grip Plyaz is supposed to be dropping some new stuff this coming week so I thought I'd spread some luh to an underrated gem.

P said...