Monday, 26 March 2012

I miss my uncle Eric y'all

It's currently 7:48 PM and I'm sitting here in a Dickies outfit and Chucks wiping tears from my eyes with red and blue bandanas on the 17th anniversary of Eazy-E's death wondering why I can only find a smattering of jamz per album on E-4O's Block Brochure triple set - am I feeling burned out on this Rap shit at the moment or is the project really comprised of vanilla production that you'd find on a modern Ice Cube album, wearisome weed songs and an exorbitant amount of guests?

Thankfully, the essence of Eric Wright has just entered my laptop's speakers tonight via 2 new mixtapes released today by 2 gentlemen whose visual trademarks are chipped teeth and dreadlocks. Those Maxi Priest 'dos will suffice for now, lads, but on national Eazy-E day next year I want to jheri curl up in tribute. Like B.D.P nearly once instructed us : YOU MUST PERM!

King Louie - Bars
(From The Motion Picture mixtape; 2012)

After a near-decade of mixtapes being prequels to albums it's inevitable that we now have prequels to mixtapes. We'll probably get Detox and a new Guns 'N' Roses album before Louie's management decide to release Dope And Shrimp and there's diddly-squat on this The Motion Picture 'tape as jawdropping as his secrete & rare Dope And Shrimp unreleased cuts like Band Nation and We Like To Party but Bars will do quite nicely for now since it ticks 3 of my boxes with regards to Louie's oeuvre : one take Rapping, exiguous production and blowjob talk.

Fat Trel - Deep In The Game
(From Nightmare On E St mixtape; 2012)

Eh, I really wish Trel would make more songs like Rolling and the 2 Luger joints on Nightmare On E St aren't a patch on Respect With The Tech, but Deep In The Game sounds like the most obvious Trap banger on a very patchy 'tape indeed and the ideal soundtrack for when my friend Suzanne and I go kidnap her tabby back from its original owner who reappeared after 8 months the other day. The M.O is Mask On, Cats Off so if you never hear from me again I'll see y'all at the crossroads.


Billy Patrick said...

2012 is the year to stop listening to rap music. I just may never come back!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

No doot - let's go watch Guns N' Roses live at The Ritz in '88 instead.

sisilafami said...

i guess starlito will save y'all at the end of the week.

step one said...

done said...

Eazy would definitely approve of Louie's head obsession. Get Off My Dick is pretty smashing too.

I think with the Block Brochures he just spread himself thinner, you can still get one great album out it imo, been worrying hes getting a bit M.O.R. since that Bun B song though. I'm not sure I've heard anything on there as good as Teach You How To Sell Dope, Undastandz Me, Drugz or 43 either.

David said...

Richard Tre Mane I have just the news that may bring you back to the shelltoes: two successive Katie Got Bandz tweets are as follows:

MONEY OVER BULLSH.T ‏ @KatieGotBandz Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

MONEY OVER BULLSH.T ‏ @KatieGotBandz Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Did Noz curse Nightmare On E. St the moment he called Trel the best rapper under the age of 21 in America the same way I jinxed A-Mafia's last terrible mixtape after I made that best of compilation for him?

Billy Patrick said...

Yes, he did. Nightmare is horrible! I want to renounce my rap fanship and listen to the "rap is crap" theme song on repeat after legitimately waiting for Trel's tape.

At least there is still Katie, and some day we'll have a cage match to determine who gets to wed her.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Guard ya grill.

Billy Patrick said...

Gangsta grillz you bastids!

But also, let's all go listen to Flatbush Zombies & Asap Rocky! Lolz lolz hehe roflmbao! I <3 rap muzix.