Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Obligatory annual post about some U.K tune featuring Giggs

"Buff chicks, big man's bonkin' that
Big whips, big man's honkin' that"

Mr. Eazi ft. Giggs - London Town
(From London Town single; 2018)

No surprise this one's a jam because Giggs has BEEN sounding good over U.K Afrobeats since Moelogo's The Baddest. First good Roadrapfrobeats tune ya host has heard this year.

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Step One said...

Can get definitely get on board with bringing "bonking" back

The Wrath of Harry Kane said...

Got to check out Giggs' Wamp 2 Dem not too long ago. Lost count how many times he said the words "man" and "mans", but we're seriously talking triple digits here.

Si Mane Price said...

More times than Trigger said "Alright, Dave?"