Monday, 1 April 2013

Reasons why I love YouTube # 39

Heavens to Betsy, it's only the video I've been waiting for ever since I lost a bag of VHS tapes over a decade ago - Onyx performing Throw Ya Gunz live on late-night British yoof TV show The Word the night before their 1993 infamous Manchester show which ended up in chaos after somebody started lickin' shots inside the venue :

This clip has everything you could possibly want from an Onyx performance on The Word : Dani Behr fluffing her lines, matching bespoke hockey jerseys, nice little live flourishes like the stuttered "It''''s" intro and Suavé's "I'll set ya fucken' mother on fire" lyric-switch, Moss Side man dem invading the stage resulting in the turntables almost going arse over tit, poncey podium dancers who look like the main bloke from S'Express, and Terry Christian rounding off the whole shebang with his dulcet Mancunian tones.

It's taken forever for this clip to hit YouTube, so it makes sense that the person who finally uploaded it would be Terry Christian himself. Bar the time The Pharcyde did Ya Mama live, old Tel Boy's YouTube channel has pretty much every live performance from The Word, including the also never-uploaded-before video of Craig Mack doing the Q-Tip remix of Get Down in 1995 :

If memory serves me right, this was broadcast the night before Craig Mack and Biggie appeared on Westwood during the 1995 Bad Boy UK tour, so take a bow everybody at The Word for having Mack knock out a throwaway remix on the show instead of having Biggie do Who Shot Ya? or the One More Chance remix.


James said...

The Onyx one is bonkers!

Fulci Lives said...

I miss The Word. Then The Girly Show came along and it all went downhill after that.

Did you know Terry Christian and Leslie "Dirty Den" Grantham appeared in a British slasher flick not too long ago?

done said...

Oh man, this is so good. Gonna have to figure out a decent way to download all this gold before youtube cop on.

Remember when Lamarr hosted some channel 4 greatest rapper countdown, kept saying hes a rap fan throughout, then proudly announced the no. 1 Will Smith, was his fav? How you luv that

Fredo Fantano said...

Done - if you manage to rip it, send it me plz.

Fulci - The Girly Show was watchable because Sara Cox was hot in those days.