Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The bi-monthly N.W.A-related post

If Cowards In Compton wasn't quite as potent a dis to Dre & Snoop as Real Muthaphuckkin' G's then it's down to Luke not possessing Eazy's trump card of funnelling royalties off the joint it was a riposte to, because the impresario of Miami-Bass really brought the fiiiyah and the funnies on both the song and the video, albeit with some support from the considerable muscle of Poison Clan's JT Money and Clayvosie's silly-ass Dr Seuss hat :

Luke ft. JT Money & Clayvosie - Cowards In Compton
(From In The Nude; 1993)

Contrast Cowards In Compton with Tim Dog's reply to Dre Day, the amusingly titled but otherwise rank Bitch With A Perm, as a lesson in what rappers should and shouldn't do when returning zings. Does Tim Dog really need to exist beyond his Ric Flair impression on Chorus Line or him being the subject matter of Snoop's lyrics on the 2nd verse of Dre Day and a couple of J-Zone blog posts? Your boy attended a 90s-themed rap night a couple of months back wearing a Compton cap and when the DJ played Tim Dog's most famous record some Kermit The Frog face ass whigga in a Dilla t-shirt started screaming "FUCK COMPTON!" at me. A quick consultation of the ‘Life Is Like A 'Hood DVD’ handbook alerted me to the "what the fuck is the use of havin' soldiers if you don't use 'em?" ruling, so I set my Napoleon-complex suffering angry little goon on him and then went back to harassing the DJ to play joints off Efil4zaggin and tsk tsk-ing him when he played godamn Jurassic 5 songs.

Speaking of Luke and Cam, I've still never heard that Suck This Dick track they did together on the Uncle Luke presents.. Scandalous: The All Star Compilation album in 2002, but one can only hope that it's closer to Luke's own Head, Head & More Head than it is to Cam & Wayne's Suck/Touch It Or Not, a blowjob-fetishizing jam so grim it made oral sex sound about as appealing as suffering from a bout of lockjaw during a 3 hour root canal.


Anonymous said...

tim dog ' s existence justified by his role in ULTRA

done said...

Kinda shocked you're not feeling Timothy tbh. Then again I tend to agree with J-Zone on most things non-Wu related.

Theres another diss song I really like that deserves to be brought up in these discussions:


"whip that ass like Luke did in Atlanta!" The Heres What They Think About You-ish phone intro skit was a nice touch I thought. Man I love that album.

Lattisaw Tapes said...

Yes, Tim Dog needs to exist. lol

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Funk Upon A Rhyme is, indeed, the shit.

done said...

Its not perfect but still probably in my top twenty, such a one-off.

Tim Dog was also indirectly responsible for 'Pac's death, Snoop kicking down them buildings and this:


that gets him a pass, no?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Hell naw. That was more of a response to Q-Tip and The Source.

done said...

Yeh but I bet Tip was more shook before Tim tested the waters. Source was inevitable though, Lil Ghetto Boy and the G-Funk Intro >>>>> Da Youngstas or whoever they gave 4 1/2 mics that month.

If I remember right they made no mention of Death Certificate's political content despite giving it a lengthy review, which is unforgivable.