Thursday, 10 June 2010

Vanity 6 doing Nasty Girl on Soul Train

I've gotta wonder if Don knows he's talkin' bollocks when he declares that that Vanity 6 wrote and produced all the music on their LP (it wuz Prince wot did all that), but he and I are definately on the same wavelength when he looks to the audience after the performance and grunts "they bad, ain't they?". I don't think I'm ever going to be able to listen to Nasty Girl again without doing the point-to-the-head which Vanity does during the "think they got more water upstairs than they got sugar on the candy cane" and that's the sign of a great video clip of a song : one which illuminates details of the song in such a manner that you'll forever listen to it and interact with it slightly differently afterwards.

Cot-fucking-damn, son - Denise Matthews AKA Vanity and Susan Moonsie sure were mighty fine pieces of ass, right? Brenda Bennett the token cracka seems way out of her depth next to two foxes from outer space like Denise and Susan, but, I dunno, she sorta has that old skool Razzle Romp steez which Bananarama also had in spades that really swings my pendulum and the sneer she puts on when she does the "Duh-duh-duh-duh"'s in the refrain are hotter than this gif :

Well, maybe not hotter than that, but i'm sure you'll agree that Brenda's effort is appreciated nontheless.

Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde - The Challenge

There's your standard Martorialist rap tie-in here with The Challenge by Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde being the first example of a a rap song which was a direct answer record to a mainstream hit, but, really, this is a post designed for drooling over Vanity 6 pictures not waffling on about obscure rap records from 1982 with lyrics like "my love is so good and hard it could be my credit card".


Was There Then said...

Love this tune.

Boothe said...


cot damn!

2SHIN said...

This is the problem with my generation of muzik lovers, we never copy any shit on wax so never get to see the cover or any sleeves. I never knew Vanity 6 were complete babes.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ms.denise matthews aka vanity. ur still very beautiful.