Tuesday, 19 May 2009


But we ain't talkin' about these lard-arses. Please believe deez nutz got bust on a plethora of occasions over Brittany and Cynthia Daniel AKA the Sweet Valley High sisters and Blinkie and Winkie from The Basketball Diaries back in the day.

Cynthia vanished into obscurity but Brittany got even hotter when she got her wig-piece chopped and donned Daisy Dukes to appear in both Dawson's Creek and Joe Dirt : The Space Peanut, which was the only time it was ever acceptable to watch something involving David Spade :

Now Cynthia is back on the scene (translation : there was a picture of her in some Where Are They Now? piece in a gossip rag a couple of weeks ago) and she's only gone and got herself up the bloody duff :

Damn, baby. You ballooning, baby. Baaaaaaaaaaaad, baby.

Where seeing Cynthia once would've been an erotic experience which, at the very least, would have resulted in a semi-throbbing johnson, seeing her in a heavily pregnant state makes my cock flop like that scene in Hard Target where Van Damme punches out the snake :

Brittany is still fine, though. Tanned, blond, rich, great bone-structure, anecdotes about working with Katie Holmes before Tom Cruise ruined her - what more could a cracker ask for?

Ice T - Bitches 2


James said...

The latin one was the hottest one on SVH, mate.

MF said...

I'm tryna remember which one the latin one was but keep gettin' a mental image of the 'yatch who played the 2nd Lila.

Regardless, the twins were easily the hottest chicks in the show. After them it was the o.g Lila and the black bird.

Latin bird was lower echelon status.

Was There Then said...

Forgot she cropped up for some DC action.

Amy Green. said...

this is just wonderful