Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Your shit is underground, our shit is Underbelly.

I was raised on shows like Round The Twist, Pugwall and the usual array of Down Under soaps (where art thou Shortland Street on UK tv these days?) so i always check out any decent Antipodean shit like Underbelly when it airs on UK tv, if only to actor-spot :

Okay, there's Blake from Home & Away, David Robinson from Neighbours, Mr Gribble # 1 from Round The Twist, Drazic from Heartbreak High, Adam and his lil' brother from Last Man Standing, Tony Twist # 3 from Round The Twist, Nick from Heartbreak High and, oh shit, is that Jimmy from Chopper???

Thankfully season one of Underbelly, which finished on FX last night, was a pretty good show regardless of any obsessive actor-watching on my part and its factual story mirrored London, Manchester and Liverpool in the early nineties when the E explosion turned petty felons and minor weed dealers into hardened organised criminals who were prepared to lay the murder game down for control of the drug trade and the club scene and blah blah blah blah blah. Fuck all that shit. What really matters here is that two major Neighbours babes, Danni Stark and Dione Bliss, were in it and both of them are still Down-Under-Dimes :

The Kat Von D-ish looking chick who played the lawyer was hot too but i've not seen her in anything before and i'm all tuckered out from typin' to look up her name to post a pic of her.

Killer Mike - Belly Of The Beast


Conroy said...

i never heard of that program but this post is too good because it reminded me of three things: Round the twist, peter unwin goerge wall and one of the fittest humans i've ever seen- danni stark. I forgot she even existed.

louise said...

Jim Jones >>>Cam'ron
Imagine how funny that would be if I was being serious.

T said...

drazic is one of the fittest guys ever. lucky anita.

rivers from heartbreak high is in neighbours now