Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Martorial elegance # 6

Y'know, what the cold, grim north needs right now is more suburban shopping complexes full of dudes who look like Cam'Ron and The Diplomats circa the Dipset Anthem/I Really Mean It video.

Y'all whiggaz dreamed it, we seened it : leather so soft New-Era, possibly the most O-T-T Evisu denim ever (and to think the author of Casuals called the majority of Evisu kecks "ostentatious tip-ex arsed jeans" that are "a badge of convenience for tossers everywhere"), a coke-white Avirex and, the pièce de résistance, fake Gucci-print Jordans which have the Alpo -o- meter registering its highest reading to date.

It's Harlem, baby, and i think the security guard just saw you drop a Kit Kat wrapper - SQUALAY!

Pic provided by Killa B again.


Black X List said...

it's a severe case of

2SHIN said...

Imma rock Avirex till I die!

It's all about freshies that rock basketball shirts over the over-sized white tee's.

They drop that shit hard, I can't even hate